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Butterflies of America - The Butterflies of America site is a centralized resource for the study and enjoyment of American butterflies. The authors and advisors represent a broad range of professional and amateur Lepidopterists, general naturalists, authors, photographers, gardeners, artists, musicians and doctors, who are all fascinated with butterflies. The aim is to develop a comprehensive online resource devoted to American butterflies that will include information on the geographic distribution, geographic variation, taxonomy, systematics, identification, ecology (including larval foodplants and immature biology) and bibliography for all butterfly taxa in the region, including all species, subspecies and undescribed geographic segregates. The Illustrated Lists of American Butterflies (North and South America) includes taxa occurring from Alaska and arctic Canada through South America and Hawaii.

Neotropical Butterflies - This is an amazing resource for images of butterflies south of the US border all the way through South America.  You can purchase the second printing of the book Butterflies of Northeastern Mexico: Nuevo Leon, San Luis Potosi, Tamaulipas - A Photographic Checklist (Second Edition) by Kim Garwood and Richard Lehman in October/November 2005 via their website.  Kim and Richard used several of our photographs in the Second Edition.

Art Shapiro's Butterfly website - This website describes over 35 years of data collected by Dr. Arthur Shapiro, professor of Evolution and Ecology at the University of California, Davis, in his continuing effort to regularly monitor butterfly population trends on a transect across central California.

Bill Bouton's Nature Photos - Bill is a good friend and an outstanding photographer, as you will see.

Randy Emmitt Nature Photography - We met Randy in Mission, Texas in the late fall of 2004.  He's quite talented and has a wonderful portfolio of images.  Randy discovered the first US Record for the Thick-tipped Greta at the World Birding Center Headquarters in Mission, Texas on December 8, 2004.  Many observers were there that day and many photographs were taken of this very important US record.  The record is also confirmed at the NABA South Texas Chapter website.

Jan and David Dauphin's web page - Jan and David live in Mission, Texas and they have an amazing web page with a number of very useful links to all things nature study related, especially for the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

Texas Entomology compiled by Mike Quinn.  Mike is an Invertebrate Biologist for Texas Parks & Wildlife, Austin, Texas and he has compiled links to all things bug related in Texas, including botany resources and bug related festivals and events.

Nature Photographers Online Magazine - This is a very entertaining and informative website with a beautiful gallery of photos submitted by amateur and professional photographers for critiques and praise by other members of the website.

Fretted Instruments NYC - Fretted Instruments School of Guitar and Banjo


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