Butterflies of Texas & NE Mexico

Texas  has a large number butterflies that occur nowhere else in the US.  Many of the tropical butterflies that are common in northeastern Mexico (Tamaulipas, San Luis Potosi and Nuevo Leon states) reach their northern limit in southern Texas.  As global warming continues, we can expect to see more Mexican butterfly species showing up in Texas; there were 9 new US records in the fall of 2004.  Consequently, we decided to create a page that focuses on butterflies that ONLY occur in Texas and NE Mexico. Species that occur both in Texas & NE Mexico AND other US states will be included in our Butterflies of North America page.  

Our captions show the common name of the butterfly, the scientific name in parenthesis, the city, town or canyon where the photo was taken, then the state, country and date.  The location information in the photo caption is abbreviated. The Mexican states are annotated: Tamps. (Tamaulipas), SLP (San Luis Potosi) and NL (Nuevo Leon), Mexico is abbreviated MX. If we know the sex of the insect it will be noted in the caption.  There are Wet season (W), Dry season (D) and Intermediate (Int) forms of many bugs, if we know which applies, we will note that in the caption.

*We are are not lepidopterists; we just love to photograph and study butterflies and we may have misidentified some species.  Please help us keep our site as accurate as possible by letting us know when misidentifications occur.  

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